What Exactly Is Social Network Marketing?

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What Exactly Is Social Network Marketing?

Any sort of marketing on social media platforms is referred to as social network marketing. From formal advertising campaigns to informal client engagement, this marketing technique can be implemented in various ways.

Explanation of Social Media Marketing

Because of the widespread use of social media, social network marketing is an extensive marketing area. Social network marketing may be defined as when a company uses social media to promote itself. This type of outreach can happen on any social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others.

Because of the diverse nature of marketing, social network marketing is likewise diverse. Marketing outreach can take numerous forms, ranging from direct advertisements to more subtle methods of establishing a relationship with potential clients. Social media marketing can be simple product or service advertisements, or it can be a way for a company to build relationships.

What is the Process of Social Network Marketing?

When done correctly, social network marketing can help a company:

  • Increase sales leads or referrals
  • Create a positive reputation through word of mouth.
  • Increase product or service sales
  • Provide a method for receiving input.
  • Make a name for yourself as an expert or opinion leader.
  • Increase the number of visitors to a company’s website or blog Create new items or services
  • Inform people about special events, sales, and other noteworthy happenings.
  • Provide excellent client service.

Popular Social Media Sites

Because social media is such a young technology, its platforms and popularity are continuously changing. Platform popularity can, however, be measured as a point-in-time statistic.

According to a Pew Research survey conducted in 2019, YouTube was the most popular platform, with 73 percent of adults in the United States using it.

The following are the adult usage statistics for the remaining eight platforms in the survey:

69 percent on Facebook

37 percent on Instagram

28 percent on Pinterest

27 percent on LinkedIn

24 percent on Snapchat

22 percent on Twitter

20 percent on WhatsApp

11 percent on Reddit

Not all social media platforms are appropriate for your company.

If you’re just getting started with social media marketing, there’s no need to use all of them at once. Even if your company had the financial resources to hire a marketing firm or create an in-house social media team to engage in all of those channels, it wouldn’t necessarily be a good idea due to the variances in user demographics.

The optimal social media platform for a company will be determined by its marketing plan. On certain platforms, certain strategies work well. There are also demographic distinctions between the platforms.


  • Cheap
  • Direct communication with customers
  • Having the ability to learn more about customers


  •  Time-intensive
  • Direct marketing is ineffective.
  • Increases the likelihood of public shaming and hacking

Pros Explained:

Cheap: Social media is incredibly inexpensive when compared to other means of marketing. Most (if not all) platforms allow you to make an account and post for free. Those free posts have the potential to reach a large audience who will (hopefully) spread the message with their social media friends. There are also a variety of paid advertising methods available to ensure that your message is heard. Facebook, for example, has extensive ad targeting options, including the ability to target members who live within a certain geographic radius. 

Direct customer engagement: Social media platforms enable businesses to engage their target audiences and build interactive connections with them. Instead of broadcasting a message and hope that it is received, you may interact with individuals directly by commenting on their postings and initiating dialogues.

Having the ability to learn more about customers: You’ll learn more about your consumer base as you communicate and connect with them. Many users post personal information on their social media pages, including business-relevant information such as tastes and preferences.

Cons Explained

Time-intensive: From a commercial standpoint, the biggest issue with social network marketing is that it may be quite time-consuming. Campaigns on social media are not one-time events; they must be nurtured over time. While bigger corporations have had success with this sort of marketing, they also have the means to assign significant numbers of employees to overseeing social media marketing efforts. These are resources that many small firms lack.

Direct advertising is less effective: Companies that use social media clearly seek to sell their products or services. On social media, though, overt advertising is quite straightforward to notice. Overt attempts to sell will be less effective than more subtle kinds of social media promotion. Businesses must be seen as members of the social media community in order to effectively use social network marketing. This could be aided by original material and audience engagement.


Social network marketing is the use of social media platforms for business promotion.

Due to the diverse nature of social media platforms, social network marketing can refer to a wide range of strategies.The best social media marketing looks natural and effectively targets clients on the social media sites they visit.

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