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In today’s marketing world brands cannot advertise on one medium and consider that enough. There has to be an approach of integrated marketing communications across various mediums and various platforms. You have to have the correct mix of traditional advertising like print, television, radio and hoardings and new age advertising like social media marketing, online marketing, in-film branding and so on. SOL is a full service ad agency that can help with end-to-end management of multimedia campaigns. Digital by SOL, is our digital marketing company that focuses exclusively on content marketing services.  When it comes to integrated marketing communications we can provide your brand with a one point of contact solution.

One brief is interpreted by different agencies in different ways. Even if an ad agency develops a brand concept and you share it with various agencies for executions across digital and on-ground advertising mediums, there will be significant differences of the final execution on each medium. We can help your branding efforts have a common hook across various marketing channels so that whether your audience sees your television commercial, or social media post, or hoarding – all are speaking one language and one message.

5 Steps for the Ideal Multimedia Campaign

A multimedia campaign is a campaign that sees execution of a common idea across various mediums – online and offline. Typically, it is managed by an ad agency who will not only help you develop the brand concept but also do media buying and oversee the campaign execution. In today’s digital world it will definitely include an online marketing plan covering social media marketing, content marketing, influencer involvement and so on.  It will include a combination of videos, motion graphics, blogs, articles, and static graphics.

Step 1: Define your Target Audience

Before you talk anytime, professional or otherwise, you would agree that its most important to understand whom you are speaking to and what language do they speak. So, the 1st step is to identify who you want to target, are they already your followers or are you trying to draw them in? If your strategy involves a lot of social media marketing then it’s important to understand which social media platform is your audience on. Also what are the current impressions and followers of your company on that platform.

Step 2: Define your Goal

Your goal will determine your success rate, and that is why it is crucial to set a defined and measurable goal. Remember a goal should be defined and not very broad. If you try to accomplish too many things with 1 campaign, then you might risk not achieving anything at all. When you define your goal for online marketing campaigns it becomes even more important to take into consideration social media metrics and understand the budget to boost your posts. You can also employ a digital marketing agency that specializes in content marketing services that has specific tools of measurement and can really calculate the reach and effectiveness of your campaign.

Step 3: Decide your method of content marketing

Gone are the days of static graphics, each medium online demands a particular kind of content. What does this mean? Twitter needs 144 characters, facebook prefers photos, snapchat and tiktok need videos, linkedin needs crisp professional content, Instagram needs content in 1:1 ratio and so on… So you need to understand

  1. What you want to communicate
  2. How you want to communicate it
  3. Is it suitable for your medium of communication
  4. What is the colour scheme, orientation, time frame etc
  5. Who will execute it? Will you do it inhouse with your marketing team, will you contract an ad agencyor a specialized digital marketing company

Step 4: Create the content calendar

Make a calendar with all the content and when it will be released on which medium. Do this for ATL, BTL and TTL. When it comes to online marketing you might explore motion graphics, interactive infographics, ebook, brochures, presentations, webinars, interviews, conferences and so on.  We would suggest exploring atleast 2-3 different types of content to go on your social media feed at regular intervals. Remember, not to keep the campaign running too long or too short.

Step 5: Execute your Campaign & Measure it

While ATL measurement is tough, your social media marketing can be measured to the dot. You do not need to take daily screenshots of impressions, views, likes and comments. There are tools to measure the reach of your campaign and the effectiveness of it. Many campaigns are done with the aim of garnering awareness rather than initiating sales. Sales is directly measurable, but a good online marketing agency can actually measure the awareness and reach of your campaign effectively so that you can know what to tweak next time.

Want to know more about end-to-end multimedia campaign management and how an ad agency can help you achieve your brand goals? Get in touch with us and we can dissect and discuss your brand and elevate its success!

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