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So what exactly is Social Media Content Marketing or Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a brand, product, person or place.

What do Online Marketing Companies do under the gamut of Social Media Marketing? 

  1. Create content for your social media posts
  2. Create customised images and infographics for your social media posts
  3. Design your cover image and profile photos
  4. Setup and optimise your brand’s social media network
  5. Do regular audit of your social media account
  6. Conduct regular brand reputation analysis
  7. Boost your post (paid service to the network) and your ads for maximum reach
  8. Do competitor brand analysis

Are all Social Media Channels good for all brands?

Any digital marketing agency would know that each social media channel works a bit differently from its counterparts. To understand which social media channel suits your brand the best one of the most vital things to determine is if your product is a B2B one or a B2C one. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Youtube are some of the most popular social media channels. While B2C brands always prefer Facebook due to its tremendous reach, B2B brands prefer Linkedin due to its professional content and people.

Social Media Marketing – In-house v/s Outsourced

The make or buy decision is one that business owners face on a daily basis. Often small and big businesses are faced with the question of developing their social media marketing strategy and execution with the company’s marketing team itself or outsourcing them to a good digital marketing company. While everyone in the company might personally be on social media and understand how it works, they might be quite clueless about how a brand can make its presence on each platform. You would agree that social media marketing is lots more than just making a profile with a good cover image and posting weekly on the medium. It is about driving conversations and weaving your brand story into the daily lives of your audiences online. This needs a strategy and understanding of metrics and tools to track progress. While you could learn and do this in-house, it becomes a daunting task as the online marketing world is changing fast and to keep pace requires focused dedication and study of the subject.

Where can we get started with social media content marketing?

  1. Make a recommendation list as to which social media channels can your brand explore.
  2. Make your accounts on these channels using very good social media content designing when it comes to creation of cover image and display picture.
  3. Ensure that you check your cover image, etc on mobile, desktop and ipad across all the social media channels.
  4. Simultaneously create a content strategy for your social media marketingThis would include a rough idea about what campaigns you will carry out, what budgets you can allocate, which mediums you will explore and what is the potential outcome you are expecting.
  5. Create a defined social media calendar with a day wise plan for your posts. Be sure to include special occasions, festivals and national holidays into your plan.
  6. Make your content SEO friendly and more importantly people friendly. Social media content should be made easy to read and quirky enough to be shared by your audience. It could be graphics, videos, blog posts or plain text, but it should be able to grab your audiences’ attention in 3-5 seconds.
  7. Track your campaign, real-time, if needed use social media boosters to boost the campaign to get more viewership.
  8. Remember social media marketing is an on-going process and it needs commitment and dedication. Expecting instant results and doing sporadic posting will not get your brand anywhere when it comes to making an impact online. So be consistent and have a long term perspective in mind.

Want to discuss or decode social media marketing and its benefits for your brand? You can get in touch with us for a free consultation for your brand or just to chat-up on the latest trends online and how small and big brands are benefitting or taking advantage of them!

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