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We are a Full Service Ad Agency  providing  Corporate Identity Design Services 

Brand building is a continuous practice that takes dedicated thoughts and efforts from brand managers as well as the ad agency that they work withHowever, on the other hand, corporate identity design is a one-time process that becomes the unchanging DNA of the brand. We at SOL, have over a decade of experience when it comes to studying business models and objectives to arrive at an identity design that is memorable and timeliness.

Essentially what corporate identity design entails is

  1. Name of the company or brand
  2. Logo or symbol design of the company or brand
  3. Definition of the tagline or value statement of the company or brand
  4. Making of a corporate brand guideline that defines how each element of the brand should see expression in marketing collaterals, websites, social media marketing, presentations, videos, etc.

The process of arriving at the perfect corporate identity design is not sacrosanct. However, the identity that has been created should answers the following questions.

  1. Does the identity satisfy the emotion that you want your users to have when they see it?
  2. Is the identity a reflection of the values of the company
  3. Is the identity unique and easy to remember
  4. Is the identity easily extendable across hoardings, newspapers, social media, television mediums.

The importance of Identity Design in Social Media Marketing

45% of the world’s population or 3.5 billion people are on social media today. That is why social media marketing is absolutely essential for all brands today. However, identities of companies have been around even before they got into the game of social media content marketing. That is not a challenge, the key to establishing your identity while doing online marketing is to have consistency while communicating.

  1. Create your social media profiles using your brand logos.
  2. Then create a template of how your posts should ideally look.
  3. Keep the template simple and make sure to use your brand colours and brand logo
  4. Do not change the templates, colour schemes or designers you work with often
  5. Do not change the digital marketing agencyyou have hired often.

Your first posts should all be aimed at informing the audience of your brand. The identity needs to be shown to the readers so often that it goes into their subconscious. Once it is there, he/she will automatically think of the brand as valid and credible since it has been seen so often.

Multiple Agency V/S Single Agency for Corporate Identity Design and Social Media Content Marketing.

A full service ad agency will typically provide corporate identity design services, content marketing services and will also serve as your internet marketing agency. The benefit of having all things at one place is that the ad agency will become the creators and custodians of your brand across all platforms. They can ensure that you have a common message when it comes to hoardings, print, TV, radio and online marketing mediums. They can also validate that the brand guideline is being used correctly and that the identity of the brand is never compromised.

On the other hand, if you go to a specialized agency that provides corporate identity design services only, then once the identity and brand manual is created, their services shall end. It will not be in their scope of work to ensure or follow up on the way the guideline is being followed and that will become the work of the brand manager and ad agency employed for each campaign. Similarly, for social media content marketing, you can hire a specialized digital marketing agency or a full service ad agencyA specialized internet marketing agency might be more savvy with the pulse of the web, but a full service ad agency that also provides content marketing services for online medium, will always be more savvy with the pulse of your brand – online as well as offline.

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