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With so many competing and similar brands what sets some companies and their products apart from others? You are right, it is their branding and more importantly their brand strategy. We are a full service ad agency that can define the strategy for your brand across various markets and marketing channels. We specialise in understanding the core of the brand and creating communication around it.

Market Research

Online market research is very important for any digital marketing strategy. Research has proved that firms that conduct market search regularly grow faster and are more profitable than the ones that do not. Research is a fancy marketing word, but what is means is that we should know the changing pulse of our evolving audience who is impatient and spoilt for choice when it comes to the online world. So when you monitor your audience consistently you are tuned in to their evolving preferences and priorities. This greatly helps a company design their online communication, product development and social media marketing methods.

Your market research can answer these questions for you:

  1. How do your customers see you, and what do they think about you.
  2. Where do you stand in regards with your competition
  3. What could be a differentiator for your brand our company
  4. Why your loyal clients choose you
  5. What is their preferred point of purchase
  6. Where can you cross sell
  7. What can you promote, what should you not promote

Good research, reduces risk and saves costs. You should do regular brand research, client research, market research, client satisfaction research, client personas research and client journey research. You should also have focused groups that give you feedback on your marketing strategies and content marketing programs.

Design Development

You would agree that for an ad agency who provides content marketing services, design is a vital deliverable that every client is sensitive about. Our design team has a mix of visualizers, sketch artists, 2D and 3D designers who understand motion graphics, videos and most importantly marketing. They make designs that are brand relevant and audience friendly.

Our design process:

  1. Understand the brief and brand insight
  2. Understand the audience
  3. Create a sketch
  4. Create a computer visual idea and moodboard
  5. Get client feedback on initial thoughts
  6. Deliver the final creative
  7. Monitor its response and performance

Strategy Development

Today a strategy cannot be made without considering all mediums – online and offline. Behind every successful brand launch or brand story there is definitely a solid strategy. We are a full service ad agency providing digital marketing services who can develop and execute this strategy for you. We have helped brands launch new products globally all the way from corporate identity design to marketing message development to online branding strategy. Content strategy consultation is one of the key areas in which we excel, specially when it comes to online marketing. If you are looking for a consultant who has a genuine interest in marketing your brand innovatively then look no further.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Human beings are social creatures. If they like something they immediately want to share it with their near and dear ones. If they do not like something then they want to share it with the whole world! Did you know that during the global lockdown due to the pandemic of 2020, social media consumption shghhooted from 4 hours to 6 hours daily! That’s a phenomenal amount of time that people have spent on channels like facebook, Instagram, twitter, linkedin, etc. Today it is not enough to just have a page on social media and do regular posts, you need to have a social media marketing strategy that defines what you post, why you are posting it and how the post is performing. SOL is an internet marketing agency who specializes in social media content marketing and we can do just this for you. We create a complete social media calendar that has a day wise plan of what to post, why to post it and what time to post it. We also have access to analytics and tools that help ascertain the success and reach of the digital marketing campaign.

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