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Keeping your Brand at the Core of all Concepts

Digital by SOL is a specialized Digital Marketing Agency who does not only understand brand extensions online but focuses on the branding process since the inception of the brand right from defining its name, logo, tagline and value proposition. Hence social media content marketing for us is not about creating graphics and videos, but about giving brands their correct expressions to identify with and relate to their relevant audiences.

Creative ad agency and branding agency

Social Media

Having a presence on social media today is not an exception but an expectation. To be successful in reaching your audiences in 2020, one of the most important aspects is to have a formidable online presence via website, blogs, social and professional media networks, articles and listings. While this is vital, it is important to understand that brands are not built overnight online and even the best digital marketing agency will take sometime to give you the desired results for your brand online.

Creative ad agency and branding agency

Content Marketing

If you believe that the customer is king, then good content is what the king thrives on. With more and more people spending time online, today content is regarded as one of the most powerful business tools as it engages online audiences and helps drive conversions. You shall agree that every single consumer facing business has some kind of digital marketing strategy today, and within this strategy, content marketing is always a priority.

Creative ad agency and branding agency


Digital by SOL, started almost a decade ago as a full service ad agency engaged in branding, marketing and corporate identity design services. Since then we have been a creative agency handling the advertising, promotion and marketing of many reputed brands across the globe. We have experience with branding for various industries including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, FMGC, luxury, NGOs and building materials amongst others.

Creative ad agency and branding agency

Corporate Identity

SOL’s was incorporated as a branding and advertising agency more than a decade ago. From that time, till now, one of our forte’s is our understanding and delivery when it comes to corporate identity design. The 1st step of brand creation starts with a name, a logo, a tagline and a brand guideline. We can do just that for you. We have made identities for numerous companies and brands across varied industries including Travel, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and many more.

Creative ad agency and branding agency

Multimedia Campaigns
& Management

Creation of holistic multimedia campaigns that have a common hook across traditional and social media is essential today. Social media content marketing has to be in-sync with TV commercials and print ads. We ideate, conceptualise and realise iconic campaigns that have a connection with relevant audiences. Our aim is to create content that interacts with users, and urges them to engage with the brand, rather than just having a one way communication.

Creative ad agency and branding agency

Content Creation
& Development

Today it is not enough to have a website and send regular posts on social media to get the attention of your prospects. You have to ensure that you don’t get lost in the world wide web. The correct content marketing services from an experienced internet marketing agency along with a good SEO strategy does just that. We can help develop compelling content for your brand that can be used across various marketing channels and mediums.

Creative ad agency and branding agency

Digital Marketing

In today’s world having a digital marketing strategy is not an exception but an expectation. Our content marketing services team can create a complete quarterly calendar for your brand to follow across social media. This would have the outline on what to post, what is the reason for posting it and how it blends in with the other marketing communication on traditional media. As a full service digital marketing agency we ensure a 360 degree communication for your brand.

Creative ad agency and branding agency

Brand Strategy
& Marketing

With so many competing brands what sets some companies and their products apart from others? You are right, it is their branding and more importantly their brand strategy. We can define this strategy for your brand across various markets and marketing channels. We pride ourselves in understanding the core of the brand and creating communication around it. So may it be social media content marketing or creation of marketing collaterals and brand manuals, we can be your agency on call.

Creative ad agency and branding agency

Corporate Films
& Ad Films

Videos are a very important tool for communication today. They could be corporate videos, product videos, animations, testimonial videos – each one has its own importance. People today prefer a video to plain text or even an image. Being a full service digital marketing agency we create video marketing content including AV scripts and storyboards and do photoshoots to get the best corporate and ad-films for the brands we work with.

So What Can We Do For You?

We can create a social media marketing strategy that can make your brand reach its audiences amidst the enormous clutter of content when it comes to the online space. We can provide content marketing services and create compelling content, video, posts and overriding marketing strategies such that your brand can achieve its target when it comes to digital marketing. We can strategise an entire calendar for you and tie in the correct amount of product communication, brand messages, general knowledge and special days for you so that you become part of your customers routine and build credibility with them. Digital marketing is moving rapidly and we can help you keep pace with this ever evolving medium.

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Our Process

Method to the Madness
Creative ad agency and branding agency

Understanding the
Brief at Hand

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Studying the
Brand in Totality

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Defining the
Macro picture

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Converting it to
Micro Deliverables

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Delivering on-time
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