Moment Marketing: A Social Media Optimization Company’s Outlook

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Moment Marketing: A Social Media Optimization Company’s Outlook

Do you remember how wild companies went with their marketing after the Tokyo Olympics was announced or even when the final part of Money Heist was finally released? Perhaps the Squid Game’s dalgona and the doll taking over the brand’s creatives ring a bell. 


What do these all have in common? Firstly, they all went viral all over the world, making it relatable. And secondly, the virality of this content was short-lived. For this very reason, online marketing companies took advantage of the hype and indulged in moment marketing.


Here is one social media optimization company’s outlook on the use of moment marketing by brands. 


What is Moment Marketing?


Moment marketing refers to a marketing technique used by a digital marketing company to create content for the brand whenever something is trending or goes viral by inserting the business and marketing the same. 


Usually, moment marketing is focused on social media as it is easier to hop on trends and it also helps in increasing reach and brand awareness. 


Why Do Brands Use Moment Marketing?


One of the prime reasons a social media optimization company will use moment marketing is to hop on the trend to create unique content that makes the brand stand out and go viral. Owing to the virality, the brand will have more and more engagement. 


In addition to this, the brand appears more relatable and human, rather than a corporate building churning out content. Moreover, using digital marketing services make the brand seem more approachable and friendly. 


More importantly, the biggest reason why brands indulge in moment marketing is that it makes them relevant to the customers. Nowadays, every industry is seeing some change or the other and the best way to stay on top of your game is to remind and stay fresh in the customer’s mind. 


How has Social Media Changed Moment Marketing?


With social media becoming one of the primary marketing platforms for companies, a social media optimization company will often use it for moment marketing. The answer simply lies in the convenience of things. 


Firstly, with the numerous social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, a digital marketing agency isn’t confined to creating content of only a certain kind. They can simply tweet or create a video with the right hashtag and there — you have content for moment marketing. 


Secondly, the reach and brand engagement the company will get is way more than a traditional form of marketing as anyone on social media can access the brand. In other words, the brand’s chances of gaining engagement aren’t limited to a certain group of people or a geographical location. 


Does Moment Marketing Help Brands Increase Engagement?


The simple answer is yes for the short run. A more detailed analysis will tell you that it sits more like a double-edged sword for the long run.


Moment marketing is a social media marketing company’s one-shot way to hop on trends and increase brand engagement. In doing so, not only will the brand appear in the trending hashtag, but it will also help companies create relevant and relatable content. 


However, there’s a downside to this too. Since there’s always something going “viral” on social media, there’s always a chance for brands to send out a Tweet or a full-fledged post. And while engaging in some of these is harmless and has a positive impact on brand engagement and customer interaction, too much of it can negatively impact the brand.


Why is that? When a digital marketing company uses moment marketing every time something goes viral, it takes away the authenticity of the brand and makes them appear shallow. The constant trend hopping can also diminish the core purpose of the brand’s marketing strategy and make them seem like opportunists.  


Furthermore, it may make the brand seem like a company that doesn’t have anything quantifiable or unique thing to offer its customers when all its marketing efforts and strategies are centred around moment marketing.


Now, while that is not a bad thing, there needs to be a balance between understanding what trend will benefit your brand and bringing you the right customers. Nonetheless, the witty content does produce chuckles and brings in engagement which a brand surely needs. 


We hope this article helped you understand a social media optimization companys outlook on moment marketing. 


As mentioned earlier, as amazing it is to focus on hopping on trends to snatch those viral moments, it’s important to know that it alone won’t be the ruling factor for a brand’s customer loyalty or increased sales. However, they can definitely help your digital agency to establish your brand in the market. 


Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: If you want to test the waters of moment marketing, we suggest you keep track of the current events or anything that goes viral on social media. Thus, you can create content by bringing keeping your brand in focus.  


If you need assistance in marketing your brand, our team of dedicated professionals at SOL Digital will be happy to help. With several years of experience and even more happy customers, we are the one-stop for all your marketing needs.

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