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Our expertise was food, but when it came to brand we admit we knew nothing. The design and collaterals created for us were loved at one go. They were fresh and original - just like our products.

Avan Artisanal Foods.

We have worked with SOL for over 6 years and it has always been a pleasure. Numerous graphics and 3 corporate brochures have been made and we feel that the journey has just begun.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

The theme that you made for us ‘Preserve, Protect & Progress’ has been our corporate theme for 2019 and it was very well appreciated by all stakeholders.

Aditya Birla Epotec

We have worked with SOL time and again for our graphics for online media as well as standees and some marketing collateral. It is very easy to work with them as they really understand our brand and what we like.

BEC Chemicals

For our nutraceuticals division we needed an identity that had the parent brand name of THINQ but represented completely natural products. The identity created was perfect for us.

THINQ Nutraceuticals

I thank SOL for the identity of Blue Meridian. We love it and its vibrancy. The name and the logo are lucky for us and our business has worked very well.

Blue Meridian
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Contact Form Demo (#1)