Video Marketing Types

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Video Marketing Types

Video Marketing has been gaining momentum in the online world since early 2017. Come 2020, it is something without which no digital campaign can clock success. While brand managers are easily sold on the idea of having videos created for their campaigns, they often do not understand what kind of videos to create and what kind of videos attract the impressions and the results.

You would agree, there is no point of investing in videos that see no views. So what are the kinds of videos that people prefer to watch?

1. A Day in the Life of…

One of the most viewed kinds of videos are simple ones where we see a typical work day of an entrepreneur, celebrity, top manager, etc. People are interested to know what is the life and lifestyle of people who are great achievers or famous celebrities. This kind of content marketing sees a lot of views and is relatively easy to produce. The en-edited, raw appeal that is has makes it even more authentic and relatable.

2. Company Culture Videos

Chances are that you are not a celebrity or entrepreneur, you are a brand manager who is looking for a good idea for a video. Company culture videos are the best storytellers for your brand. They can gain your customers trust and project you as a transparent company, it can boost your recruitment and motivate people to be part of your organisation and it can also make your employees heroes by having them featured in these videos.

3. Interviews

Want to project yourself as an industry thought leader? Do interviews with the fore-runners in your space. Want to attract the best talent? Do interviews with employees who enjoy working with your company and are open to sharing their enriching experience. Want to gain market trust and credibility? Do interviews with your best and oldest clients.
Interviews are undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of enhancing brand objectives, better still they are one of the most preferred types of videos online.

4. Webinars

A webinar is a web-seminar. It involves calling an industry leader or a motivator or a panel for a talk. The audience is prepared (invited and subscribed) before hand. There are many options of asking questions, making comments and getting involved one on one with the speaker.

The main reason why webinars are a very successful video marketing tool, is because they get like minded people together. People who are genuinely interested only join these webinars and hence their response and involvement is high. People today have varied interests and the online
world is an excellent place to learn and get better at what you are genuinely interested in.

5. Clippings of Offline Events Used Online

While the digital world is rapidly growing, the importance of having in-person events will never fade. An excellent way to leverage your in-person is to share it on social media marketing channels. You can do this while the event is on, like a live telecast and can also take important clippings from the event, edit it and post the event in a ‘nutshell’ after it is over. You can even promote these clippings in your email marketing campaigns and on your business pages on linkedin. These could be small videos of learnings from the events, the attendance and feedback on the event or just a general video thanking people for attending and contributing to the success and vibe of the event.

6. Product Videos

While you make some excellent products that genuinely work and deliver results, there are always subtle nuances of how to use them best. A product video is the perfect way to connect with your potential and existing customers. You could make animation videos showing how your product works or you could make application videos showing how to use the product. You can also make before and after videos showing the clear results or benefits of your products. One of the best examples of the use of product videos in video marketing, was the way dropbox used a product demonstration video to launch their website and their product. That video saw a total of 25,000,000 views and sometimes saw 30,0000 views per day!

7. Testimonial Videos

What if you could create a salesperson out of your own customer? A testimonial video is just that. It speaks about the experience of your product or service from your customers mouth. It is an excellent way to reinforce your brand in the customers mind and obviously it makes your customer your brand ambassador. Seeing this video a lot of more ‘on-the-fence’ people can make a positive decision to invest in your brand. Testimonial videos do not need expensive shoots and edits, they can be simple, raw and short. The only criteria for a good testimonial video is that it should be
genuine and make a connect with your viewers.

Research says ’88{dbaebbac03b7abd58e76587e334c89dfd89cc1540736dd72e3d9781ad58cf83e} online consumers trust user reviews as much as a recommendation from family or friends.’ So your video marketing via testimonials can play a huge role in influencing them.

On a leaving note, while you can get a lot of information online for video marketing, digital marketing videos and what kind of videos do people like, I would like to say that the most important parts are not in the technicalities of the videos – it is in the message. The key rule to follow for video marketing is to create something which is true to your brand and which evokes an emotion from the viewer. If you evoke the emotion, then you are through!

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