SEO Ranks: How Content Marketing Services Boost Your Brand’s SEO Ranking

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SEO Ranks: How Content Marketing Services Boost Your Brand’s SEO Ranking

People believe in results. So, when a person is searching for your brand and cannot find it on top of the search results, they will question the authenticity of your company. This is where a marketing agency comes in. 

Today, simply creating a website and posting about your products and services isn’t enough. You need to rank on top of the search engine list for people to notice your brand. 

Most people don’t even bother clicking the 2nd link, so if you’re not at the top of your search list, you are losing potential business. Luckily, there are ways to boost your ranking organically even if you rank low at the moment. 

Here are some ways content marketing services boost your brand’s SEO ranking. 

  • Repurpose Content 

Rather than creating new content for every new channel of marketing or content, a digital marketing agency will repurpose the content created to fit each of the requirements. 

For example, rather than creating new content for Reels, YouTube videos, blogs, etc., content marketing services would simply make a few edits to suit the style of content in the platform and add the video. So, the video is on the brand’s social media and blog page. 

The more people see the video, the more views the brand gets, hence pushing up the SEO ranking of the website.

  • Collaborate With Content Creators

By collaborating with content creators, digital marketing services open up new avenues for increasing customers, sales, customer engagement, and website traffic. 

This is because not only are your customers visiting your website but when the content creators post about the collaboration, their followers will also check out your website. This increased flow of website traffic will organically push up your rankings on search engines.

For example, with guest blogging, your existing visitors will engage with the content as usual. In addition, the blogger’s followers will also visit your website to read up their article. 

This way you get a new set of visitors to your website. And if you’re lucky, some might even consider purchasing your products and services.

  • Use SEO Keywords

One of the easiest ways for a content marketing agency to ensure that your brand website stays on top of the SEO rank game is by using SEO keywords. 

What are they, you ask? Easy. These are specific keywords people use while searching for products, services, or other related content in your industry. 

For example, in the skincare industry, keywords could look like “best SPF50+ sunscreen”, “light moisturizer” “skincare routine for teenagers”, “retinol serum under X”, “X serums” and so on. 

Now, your digital marketing company will create content using these keywords. The SEO keywords will be added to your product description, blogs, videos, and so on. 

  • Improve Website Loading Speed

When you’re scrolling through a website trying to buy something, what is one thing that annoys you more than the unrealistic prices of the items (we know you’ll still buy them)? The speed with which the page loads!

With slow speed, the visitors will simply close the page and move along. Now, the more that happens, the more search engines will notice that and lower your SEO ranking. 

So, content marketing services will make sure that the loading speed is barely for a few seconds so that your bounce rate is lower. 

  • Mobile-Friendly Website

One of the most common mistakes a brand makes is designing their website is not making it mobile-friendly. By making the website mobile-friendly, the digital marketing firm ensures that your audience is not limited to PC and laptop users. 

After all, not everyone searches for your brand through these devices. This not only increases your website traffic but as a result it pushes your SEO ranking to the top. 

  • Include Images and Videos

When it comes to your brand’s blogs, from top digital marketing companies to a local marketing agency, they will all agree that images and videos have a Midas touch when it comes to boosting SEO ranking. 

We hope this article helped you understand how content marketing services boost your brand’s SEO ranking. 

Even though some marketing trends and tactics might lose popularity or even render useless, SEO optimization is here to stay. 

In the long run, it can become a great way to pull in the increased website traffic. Moreover, it will also help you create your next SEO and marketing strategy.   

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: An easy way to organically boost your SEO ranking is by linking your website on every social media platform’s bio and even in the videos. So, as the people click on the link, they are directed to your website. 

If you need assistance in marketing your brand, our team of dedicated professionals at Sol Digital will be happy to help. With several years of experience and even more happy customers, we are the one-stop for all your marketing needs.

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