Remote WOrking For Digital Marketing Agencies In 2021 – Advantages.

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Remote WOrking For Digital Marketing Agencies In 2021 – Advantages.

For any modern business people are considered as the main assets. This is in relevance with a digital marketing agency, as they do not have any other assets for all intents and purposes. This is the sole reason why a digital marketing agency is being benefited from remote working. Let’s have a look at the advantages of remote working for a digital marketing agency. 

Advantages Of Remote Working For Digital Marketing Agency

“Remote work offers flexibility and I appreciate the work-life balance that comes with that.”

                                                                                         – Jess Scott, Founder of JessINK

1. Remote work increases productivity

It is believed that working at the office  will ensure discipline and increased productivity as they will be monitored for their work. It might be true in some cases but for most of them it’s the other way around. Most people do not prefer working in an environment where they get to address interruptions from co-workers, attending meetings, distraction with the loud noises of colleagues or chatters etc and this setup is expected in an office environment. This might result in low productivity of an employee. One of the main advantages which a person can derive from remote working is increased productivity.


“We like to give people the freedom to work where they want, safe in the knowledge that they have the drive and expertise to perform excellently, whether they [are] at their desk or in their kitchen. Yours truly has never worked out of an office, and never will.” 

                                                               –  Richard Branson, Founder and Chairman of Virgin.

2. Convenience Matters 

Digital marketing agencies are not limited to any one particular location. The clients do not necessarily belong to that particular locality where the office is set up, they can be from diverse locations. Your office can be set up anywhere based on your convenience.The only thing you need to keep in mind before setting up your office in a diverse location is, you might miss out on   the local talent who can be on top of their field. 

3. Save Your Money With Remote Working

When you have an office setup, you will have to bear office expenses and will need a bigger place for accommodating all of your employees. You can reduce these costs by having remote workers.

“83% of employers now say the shift to remote work has been successful for their company, compared to 73% in the June 2020 survey.

                                                                                           – Remote Work Survey, PWC

4. Happiness Prevails Among Employees

According to various surveys it has been concluded that remote workers seem to be happier in contrast to their 9 to 5 counterparts. This is due to the advantages they derive from working remotely like they get a choice to work from anywhere and this provides comfortability in their home environments. Travel time is reduced and they are considered to be less distracted when compared to those who work in an office environment. This will lead to enhanced productivity, efficiency and creativity of the employees and in turn will increase the base of satisfied customers.

5. It Keeps Employees Engaged

When an employee is permitted to work remotely, he inculcates a sense of satisfaction and gets a feel that he is being trusted upon by the company for his performance and loyalty, even after working remotely. This will make employees more productive and loyal towards the company. When an employee works in an office setup he might just perform the assigned tasks leisurely  but when he is given the freedom to work remotely he feels more responsible towards the company and its mission

6.Improve Quality Through Flexibility

The option of working remotely will provide the employees with an opportunity to choose when and from where to perform their given tasks. It gives an added advantage to the employee in a way that an employee can complete his given tasks in a day or two and can spare other days for other endeavors. An employee can speed up his work routing and can save a few hours of his time. Example: most of the employees are productive at night. This way an employee gets an opportunity to maintain work-life balance and will be able to perform the given work with flexibility, efficiency and determination. If an employee is not lacking behind in his work and is productive enough then the company does not have to worry about where the employee is working or at what time of his day he is engaging himself to work. . 

“If you are working effectively as a flexible worker you may not be physically seen as much as you would do if you were working full time in the office, but that doesn’t mean that your results are actually any different.”

                                                               – Katie McQuaid, Fulfillment Director at Amazon, UK. 

SOL Digital is one such digital marketing agency which provides its employees with the freedom of working remotely. Sol Digital also ensures that the clients expectations are never compromised with. Toshiko, their digital marketing expert is always available for its customers resolving queries and giving solutions and best of the services at all times. 

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