How To Write An Effective ECommerce Email?

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How To Write An Effective ECommerce Email?

The demand for an E-Commerce Marketing Agency is increasing. ECommerce specifically refers to transactions pertaining to goods and services. You need to capture all digital platforms by expanding your brand’s presence online and also make use of all the available marketing tools. ECommerce Marketing Agency makes best use of Email marketing  to the online presence of any business.

In the ECommerce industry, the Digital marketing strategy of any business should contain Email marketing. For this you need to have a good Digital Marketing agency. Sol Digital is an excellent Digital Marketing agency, who’s personalized services for its clients will enable their company or business to reach new heights of success. Their digital marketing expert – Toshiko will help you fulfill all your brand needs at one stop. 

Email Marketing is one of the most effective means to reach out to your target market and audience. With the use of email service you can reach the customer with the right messages.

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.”

                  –     David Newman

Learn To Write ECommerce Emails 

Here you will see a few best tips which will help you to write an effective ECommerce email which will create a positive impact on the customer about the company. 

Make Emails Impactful Through Focusing on Single Goal

You might be getting many emails in your inbox from various companies. Do you read all of those mails from top to bottom? The answer might be a certain “No” in most of the cases. The targeted audience will not be expecting any mail from any company as they have not requested for the same nor have they made any query related to any product or services of the company.  This can be the reason why your new customers might not read your complete email. 

To make a positive impact on the customer through email service, it is advisable to focus on a single goal which the company wishes to achieve.  Firstly you need to decide and make certain your reason for sending the email to your esteemed customer. This will be your predefined goal and you need to send one email adding a single goal to it. A Few examples of the single goals which you can aim to achieve are: 

  • When new customers or subscribers are added in your clients list, you can send them a welcome email.
  • Send your preferred customers email, offering them a discount on the chosen products. 
  • You can send an invitation email to your clients to check out on your latest arrivals of products. 
  • Share your latest blogs your company has.
  • Send them an invitation email to attend a virtual event. 

Personalization and Segmentation Of Viewers

Your company might have a diverse audience. A good ECommerce Marketing Agency will be capable enough to handle them. By segmenting your target audience and writing personalized emails based on the requirements and the company’s goals, you can create a positive impact on the customer. You can categorize your clientele based on their characteristics, demographics or even their behavior and then create appropriate templates for the email you will forward to them. 

 Examples of such segregation of customers is:

  • New Customer vs Existing Customer
  • Indian clients vs U.S. clients. 

Mention A Catchy Subject Line

Your subject line is the first thing that will make your customers realize whether it is feasible for them to spend their valuable time on your email or not. In case your subject line is not good enough you will not be able to attract the customers attention and there are chances that your customer will not  prefer to read out your email. 

You need to keep in mind a few basic rules while creating your subject lines. 

  • Provide a hint of your message, a customer should understand what the email is all about.
  • Address the recipient by his name, or mention a group they belong to
  • Create a mysterious line that will inspire the customer to read the body of your email
  • Subject line should make a customer feel a sense of urgency 

Examples of good subject lines

  • Amazon: Hey Meghan! Styles you will love at Amazon
  • Citibank: Citibank is hiring Manager Sales for Houston Location.

“To get the right message to the right person at the right time you first need to get the right data to the right database at the right time.”

                                                                                                                          John Caldwell

Along with creating an attractive subject line you should also ensure that your email should make your target audience feel that the email is created especially for them and not in bulk. You can avail these kinds of services from a good ECommerce marketing agency

Key Takeaways

  • Ensure your email is aligned with the writing style of your website, social media posts and blogs
  • Make your emails concise- avoid extensive emails and write straight to the point and make your email informative.
  • Organize the structure by dividing the email into paragraphs, subheadings and create bullet points and lists, make use of bold and italics. 
  • Include CTA – Call to Action in your email. Example: Order your book now!
  • Always proofread your email for accuracy. 

Attention to detail is what you should prefer while drafting your email. You should focus on your goal, creating a long lasting impression on your clientele about the company. 

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