Corporate Identity Design: How a Digital Marketing Agency will Help your Brand Stand Out

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Corporate Identity Design: How a Digital Marketing Agency will Help your Brand Stand Out

The one thing that instantly sets your brand apart from other companies is your corporate identity design. The logo, colors, text, etc helps people in differentiating between two companies offering the same products and services. This is why digital design agency services create unique designs that best represent your brand and its message. 

However, creating a corporate identity design is not a piece of cake. A lot of thought goes into the smallest details. From the right font to size, everything is planned to make sure the brand’s identity can be encapsulated in that design. This is why a marketing design agency will create guidelines for the design.

Establishing Guidelines for Design Components

Design guidelines are established so that there is consistency throughout its different uses. Moreover, it helps the digital creative agency to follow a particular standard without having to brainstorm new ideas. 

The important design components for which a digital marketing company creates guidelines are:

  • Typography

The font used for your brand design, website content, etc is called typography. While creating the design, some brands choose to have the font in their logo. This is why a digital marketing firm will create copies of the best-suited ones. While choosing the font for things that include heavy text, a marketing firm will usually avoid ones that are too small, informal, or closely spaced.

  • Logo

A brand’s logo is the most important part of the corporate identity design. It is the representation of the brand. A creative digital marketing agency will incorporate the brand and its messaging in the logo. For example, Acne Studios simply uses typography complimenting the minimalist tone of the clothing line. Samsung in Korean means three stars, representing the founder’s vision of creating an everlasting company like the stars.

  • Color Palette

The color palette speaks to the viewer before they even look at what your brand has to offer. This is why taking the brand’s products/services into consideration, a digital agency marketing the brand will create a logo accordingly. A company for natural skincare will usually have a cool-toned color palette of greens and blues. While a food brand will go for eye-catching and bright colors like red, purple, yellow, etc.

  • Templates

Have a custom template for your brand gives a professional and sophisticated impression to the receiver. Templates are important as it reinforces the brand into people’s minds. Moreover, it creates a certain theme for your brand to follow. A marketing design agency will create templates for your emails, social media posts, marketing strategies, etc. For example, digital marketing in healthcare will follow minimalist templates with a two-toned color palette. 

Uses of Corporate Identity Design

The corporate identity design is not only used by the brand but also by the digital marketing agency to promote the brand. 

  • Website

The brand’s website might be the first place for a customer’s interaction. This is why having a corporate identity design must coincide with the brand. From the right font size to the appropriate size of the logo, everything creates an impression on the viewer’s mind. 

  • Social Media

Using the templates designed by the marketing firm will help your posts look consistent and professional. This will make your brand look aesthetic and stand out from your competition. While incorporating marketing strategies, use a different template, or incorporate the design into the post. A digital marketing agency will create a new series of templates for a new product is launched or a social media marketing campaign.

  • Product Packaging

Having your corporate identity design on your product packaging will instantly set your brand apart from the competition. A good product packaging gives the impression that the company wants its customers to use the products in the most convenient way possible.

  • Business Cards

People’s faces are easy to forget. This is why companies have business cards for their employees to give to other professionals and customers. A unique and eye-catching business card is one of the subtle ways a marketing design agency will promote your brand. Using appealing colors, suitable font, etc, a marketing firm will make sure your brand’s identity creates an impression on people. 

  • Emails

If you have worked for a company, you know just how important emails are. From sending mass emails to employees to conversing with other companies and customers, emails are the new permanent record for brands. 

With tons of emails being sent back and forth, a marketing design agency creates templates for emails that the brands send. These usually include the color palette, and logo. These templates make your emails stand out as compared to the usual black and white text 

We hope this article helped understand how a digital marketing agency markets corporate identity. The corporate design is the identity of the brand that helps it distinguish itself from its competition. Moreover, it brings in the aesthetic value to make the company seem interesting and legit. 

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