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If you believe that the customer is king, then good content is what the king thrives on. With more and more people spending time online, today content is regarded as one of the most powerful business tools as it engages online audiences and helps drive conversions. You shall agree that every single consumer facing business has some kind of digital marketing strategy today, and within this strategy, content marketing is always a priority.

So when a digital marketing agency offers content marketing services, what exactly does it mean? Content marketing is an umbrella term of all the kinds of content that an online marketing company provides. This includes, but is not restricted to:

  1. Ideation, Scripting and Production of Videos
  2. Re-marketing
  3. Social Media Posts Creations
  4. Infographics Creation
  5. Writing of white papers
  6. Writing of Blogs
  7. Creation of Vlogs
  8. Writing of Articles
  9. E-books
  10. Case Studies

Digital by SOL, is a leading Content Marketing Agency that has an expertise in creating high quality content that is not only user friendly but also search friendly. Our expert team of content developers are the perfect blend of language and marketing such that the content that we create is relevant, readable and has viral potential. We can assist you with engaging customers by providing high quality content marketing services

How to get started with a Content Marketing Strategy. 

While there is a lot of information online on how to get started with a content marketing plan our suggestion would be to keep it practical and simple. Answer these questions and your content marketing strategy is guaranteed to have a good start.

  1. Who will be reading your content?
  2. What problem of this reader will you be solving with your product/service?
  3. Where does this reader consume the content – youtube, facebook, twitter, online magazines?
  4. What makes your solution unique as compared to competition?
  5. How do you want to communicate – videos, blogs, articles, infographics?
  6. Will you create this content in-house or will you outsource it to a digital marketing agency who provides content marketing services?
  7. Who will post this content?
  8. Who will track it, review it, answer questions and interact with the readers?

Content marketing has become an essential part of digital marketing for any business. Remember an effective plan should be cost effective and yet fetch traffic as well as new leads for business. It should build your readers interest and weave your product into the content in such a way that the reader does not subconsciously feel any interruption.

Content and the World Wide Web

Content is being created at such a great pace today that even very good content gets absolutely lost amidst the clutter on the world wide web. Hence creating good content, on the perfect online channels is not enough today. Remember that your content marketing has to be search friendly. So you always have 2 audiences – your readers and the google bots that search your content so that they can connect you with more relevant readers.

Content Marketing Rules

If you plan to do your content marketing yourself, or if you choose to hire a content marketing services company, you will need to understand that it is time consuming to create the perfect content that rings a bell with your audiences. Here are important self-check points to judge the content that you, or a digital marketing agency hired by you, created.

  1. Is it unique?
  2. Is it designed for the format where it is posted? Remember don’t go with one format works for all kind of approach
  3. Is it relevant?
  4. Is it showing your performance over time? Reviewing your online statistics is one of the most important points of a good content marketing strategy. 
  5. Is it mobile friendly?
  6. Is it true to your brand?
  7. Is it simple and sophisticated?

Want to discuss or decode content marketing services and how they can benefit for your brand? You can get in touch with us for a free consultation for your brand and we can explore the art and science of content marketing together.

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