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Digital by SOL, started almost a decade ago as a full service ad agency engaged in branding, marketing and corporate identity design services. Since then we have been a creative agency handling the advertising, promotion and marketing of many reputed brands across the globe. Recently we have expanded our services to include a complete dedicated digital marketing arm that engages in social media marketingcontent marketing and online reputation management for our clients. As an ad agency, we have experience with branding for various industries including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, FMGC, luxury, NGOs and building materials amongst others. We have produced content for ATL, BTL and TTL platforms.

What are the departments we have as a Full Service Ad Agency?

  1. The Creative Team – This is where the designs are churned and the concepts are developed. With the creative team we have copywriters, graphic designers, sketch artists, visualisers and conceptualizers.
  2. The Account Management Teams – This is the team that handles all communication with the client. They study brands, understand their marketing goals and specific requirements and become the link between the client and the ad agency. 
  3. The Production Team – This team is the one who makes real all the creatives that are churned out by our company. From sampling to vendor management this team plays an important role when it comes to final delivery.
  4. The Digital Marketing Team – As we have expanded ourselves from being an ad agencyto an internet marketing agency, we have a dedicated content marketing servicesarm that is focused on social media content marketing. This includes creation of infographics, vlogs, blogs, articles, white papers, social media posts, videos and animations.
  5. The Support Functions – Human Resources, Accounts and Administration.

As an Ad Agency do we pitch or work only on fixed contracts?

While we have a dedicated client base we are always open to challenges and love to know how our ideas stand against that of the competition. So yes, we do pitch for some projects and we do work on a lot of retainers as well.

What sets us apart from other Ad agencies?

We would like to say that we are more creative than other agencies, but this would not necessarily be true. What really sets us apart as an ad agency is that we have a superior brand understanding. We really dig deep to delve on the DNA of a brand before even starting on a creative. That makes our creatives brand relevant and user friendly and we would like to believe that this is what sets us apart from other ad agencies.

Can an ad agency work on social media marketing campaigns?

While there are dedicated digital marketing agencies who provide social media content marketing services ad agencies like us definitely can work on social media marketing campaignsInfact, the added advantage that we bring to the table is that we can integrate ATL, BTL and TTL to have a common hook. This was the message will be the same across all the media platforms and the brand would have a united, cohesive voice and message.   

Want to discuss how we as an ad agency can value-add to your brand? Or decode content marketing services and how they can benefit your online reputation? You can get in touch with us for a free consultation.

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