Why Digital Marketing Agencies Love Brand Mascots

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Why Digital Marketing Agencies Love Brand Mascots

You may have come across thousands of brand mascots, from humans characters to animals to object characters. So the question is: how many of those brand mascots do you remember? Out of 100 maybe 20 or 30. 

Why is that? A good design and marketing agency will create a brand mascot keeping certain features in mind. These features include:

  • Personality 

Having a brand mascot and featuring it on your brand’s social media posts and the website is not enough to make an impression on people’s minds. The reason why the biggest brand mascots are so memorable and fun to interact with is that they have distinct personalities and traits. 

  • Originality

The beauty of a brand mascot is that it is an original character used only by a particular brand. Moreover, it does not seem like a rip-off version of a bigger brand. 

  • Consistent Representation

A good digital marketing company knows that the only way for a brand to be reinforced in people’s minds is by consistently using the brand mascot. The more a brand mascot is used, the better will the people remember the brand even if its name is not mentioned. 

  • User Friendly

A brand mascot must not scare away people. The more friendly and approachable a brand mascot looks, the more people will trust and try out your products and services. 

But creating a brand mascot and using it for your brand’s posts and website can be a tedious task. So why would a brand choose them instead of simply using more marketing strategies? A digital marketing firm creates brand mascots for the following reasons.

  • Better Communication

Brand mascots often become the news bearer for messages from the brand. Since the character itself is appealing and fun to look at, the marketing design agency does not have to create an elaborate marketing plan to make announcements. The marketing firm will use memes, speech bubbles, etc., to convey the message. 

The messages do not have to be elaborate, wishing people on festivals, season greetings, celebrations, etc go a long way in increasing the communication between the brand and the customers. The more people engage with your brand mascot, your engagement rate will automatically increase. 

  • Emotional Touch

People believe in brands that they connect with. No matter how sophisticated or innovative your products and service are if they lack any emotional touch then your brand is easily forgettable. 

This is why a creative digital agency will make a brand mascot for your company. Since there is no in-person interaction between your brand and the customers on the internet, having a brand mascot adds a personal touch. This creates empathy and makes the brand seem more customer-oriented. 

  • Personification

Personification is the process of making an inanimate object seem more human and have emotions. A design and marketing agency will use personification to create a brand mascot to evoke emotions in the customers. 

Since the brand mascots are humanized they reflect human emotions, personalities, traits, and so on. This opens an avenue for the digital marketing agency to style the brand mascot according to the message they want to convey.

  • Virality

A good social media digital agency knows the potential a brand mascot has in going viral. Given the speed with which the word gets around the internet, with the right character personality, memes, and stickers, animation it does not take long for a brand to go viral. A marketing firm will also create exclusive merchandise to promote the brand without having to come up with elaborate marketing strategies.

The more popular a brand mascot gets the brand name gets reinforced in people’s minds even if it is not explicitly mentioned. 

  • Recognition

What are you more likely to remember? A post filled with text announcing a product launch or an animated character with speech bubbles? The latter of course. Why? Because it is more appealing. Thus, in one way or another when a brand mascot is used to market a brand, it becomes a source of creating quality content. 

As humans, we recognize and recall visually stimulating things more than words. This is why a digital content agency tries to create the character as memorable and recognizable as possible and to help us recall the brand by just looking at the brand mascot.

We hope this article helped you understand how beneficial brand mascots can be for a digital marketing agency. 

Although there are thousands of companies that have brand mascots, the ones that stay on people’s minds are barely a handful. 

A brand mascot adds to the visual aid and eases up the viewer’s mind when they are spending hours in front of a screen. They help lighten up the mood and make the brand more approachable. It also gives the impression that your brand prioritizes creating a good and friendly relationship with your clients while working with them. 

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: You can ask the digital marketing company to animate your brand mascot and add it to your videos.

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