The top four digital marketing trends that every digital marketing agency should follow

The top four digital marketing trends that every digital marketing agency should follow

So far, it appears that the digital marketing trends for 2022 followed by any digital marketing agency  are centred on two distinct but virtually conflicting themes. The first is broad humanization, which entails addressing specific difficulties and tailoring information to the individual (rather than making a general appeal) in order to strengthen personal ties. Second, fine-tuning the behind-the-scenes components of your business, such as SEO and how you organise campaigns—the nitty-gritty that your happy customers don’t see—is a far more mechanical and technical optimization.

To give you a massive advantage over your competition, we’ve highlighted four of the hottest digital marketing trends that, if implemented in 2022, will benefit every digital marketing firm. Take note of these marketing trends and use them in your digital marketing plan.

The top four digital marketing trends to watch in 2022 for any digital marketing agency

  1. Availability

The front-page headlines demonstrate the importance of diversity in our current time and place in history. The number of individuals who want to see a more hopeful picture of equality in the media they consume and the businesses they patronise is steadily increasing, particularly among younger viewers and underrepresented groups. They don’t want to see the same homogeneous content that we’ve seen in previous decades, to put it another way.

In 2022, digital marketing trends followed by the digital marketing agency will cover a wide spectrum of ethnicities, religions, and other themes, as well as physical and learning disabilities. This includes not only the photographs and films you produce but also the topics you discuss on social media and in blogs, as well as the items you sell.

According to Accenture, this cultural shift is already affecting buying habits: 41% of customers “have moved… their business away from a store that does not reflect how important [identity and diversity] is to them.” According to the same study, if a brand lacks enough diversity, 29 percent of consumers are likely to switch brands entirely—and this number rises for ethnic minorities and the community.

  1. Searches that don’t require a click and highlighted snippets 

For years, the goal of SEO has been to bring your listing to “position one” at the top of the search results. As we get closer to 2021, the ultimate goal is to improve SEO exposure at “position zero.”

The “featured snippet” of Google will take precedence over all other SEO marketing trends in 2021, according to position zero. The featured snippet is distinguished from the rest of the search results by a little box at the top that separates it from the rest. More importantly, it gives more, relevant information without forcing the user to click on it, earning it the moniker “no-click search.”

If you wish to target a featured snippet yourself, there are a few things to bear in mind. For starters, featured snippets are largely for long-tail keyword phrases like queries (such as “how to design a logo”). They come in a variety of formats, including step-by-step instructions, definitions, and even movies (and more), so make sure you choose the right one for your material.

Make sure you answer the keyword question in the content itself, preferably in the form of bulleted lists or a table.

  1. Long-term stability

People in 2021 are equally worried about the environment, and every digital marketing agency considers it to be a significant factor. It’s all about the inclusionary digital marketing trend. They want to make sure that the companies that receive their money care about the environment as much as they do.

Sustainable and eco-friendly products are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among younger consumers, with 81 percent of consumers firmly feeling that businesses should help the environment. This isn’t limited to the green goods industry; any company can benefit from publicising its sustainable practices.

You must communicate your sustainability through your branding and content to make ecological part of your identity. There is a range of solutions depending on your branding strategy, such as prominently posting a banner on your website or often discussing it on social media. Green components in your brand’s visual identity or branded reusable tote bags are both feasible solutions.

  1. Ad-blocking software 

The digital marketing trends for 2021 are about more than just optimism and progress; they’re also about overcoming obstacles like ad blockers. With ad blocks expected to be used by 27% of internet users by 2021, many businesses are finding their primary source of traffic, particularly PPC ads, cut off at the source.

To begin, assess the scope of the problem—your ad data and analytics should provide you with all the information you require. The repercussions may be minor, depending on your target audience and where you post your ads.


Some of these trends may be more accessible to your company than others. You can take them down as broad guidelines to keep an eye on in some circumstances, but remember that the sooner you can respond, the better. Your current year’s approach should constantly include the future!

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