Steps an Online Marketing Agency takes to Market an Event

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Steps an Online Marketing Agency takes to Market an Event

While events are hectic to plan and organize, there is the added stress of marketing the event to as many people as possible. Many companies opt to invite a well-known face to attract a few more attendees while others plan an extensive and elaborate event.

But what if you do not have the budget for it? Luckily, you don’t need all the fancy things to get people to attend your event. All you need is a digital marketing agency to successfully market the event and have an extensive outreach.

Here are the steps that an online marketing agency will follow to market an upcoming event for your brand. 

  • Creating an Event Website

The first thing digital marketing services do is create a separate website for the event. This webpage contains all details about the event, registrations, timeline of the event, and so on.

However, a well-designed website is not the only aspect that an online marketing agency focuses on. Creating a user-friendly webpage is essential for easy navigation and turning people into attendees. If your webpage has a complicated process for registration, people will immediately become disinterested and leave. 

Also, this will organically increase your website traffic and the webpage will rank higher on the search engines. 

  • Formulating Content Strategy

The kind of content you use for marketing will impact people’s decision on attending the event or not. This is why a content marketing agency will conduct thorough market research and create content that will engage an audience and create a buzz about the event. 

For example, leading up to the event, you can post short clips of the behind the scenes, video trailers, interviews, etc., to increase curiosity. 

  • Email Marketing

One of the most popular ways through which online marketing services promote an event is e-mail marketing. From creating a template to stringing up the contents of the e-mail, these are sent on in specific time intervals to inform the people about the event. 

The more personalized the e-mail the better chance of CTA. This is why a digital marketing agency will segment the people into different categories and create specific e-mails for them. 

However, remember not to send these frequently as it might come across as spamming, leading people to unsubscribe to your e-mails.

  • Speaker Promotion 

People are more likely to attend if they know who is going to be present at the event. This is why a marketing agency will promote the speakers and chief guests in attendance. Even the members of the discussion panel are made known to the public to attract their followers. 

It is also not uncommon to ask the speaker and panel members or even important attendees to talk about the event on their social media platform as it helps in promoting your brand.

  • Asking Sponsors to Market the Event

Another common marketing technique used by digital marketing services is to ask the event’s sponsors to market the event. This will help you increase your outreach to people who do not know about your brand. Moreover, it might also lead some people to attend the event. 

  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Today, digital media in marketing is a different ballpark altogether. Unlike traditional marketing techniques, marketers here create a different set of content to promote events. Since social media is accessible to almost everyone in the world, having social media campaigns will help you create a buzz and get more attendees. 

This is why a social media marketing company will create gifs, videos, and even customized hashtags to promote the event, in addition to adding the registration links. They might also create themed posts to market the event. 

  • Last-Minute Reminders

While these are not a must, a digital marketing company will have some last-minute reminders to market the event. These include countdown clocks on social media, reminder e-mails, teaser videos, and so on. 

  • Opening Registration

Lastly, the online marketing agency will open the registration. Since, at this stage, the goal is to have the maximum number of registrations, online marketing services often offer discounts and offers. For example, 10% discount for the first 200 registrations or 10% discount for people who register within the first 24 hours, and so on. 

Sometimes, an agency marketing the event will also hold lucky draws and raffles to give a free ticket.  

We hope this article helped you understand the steps a digital marketing company follows to promote an event. 

Are you planning on hosting an event? Looking for a digital marketing agency to hire for your marketing needs? Well, look no further. At Sol Digital, our team of experienced professionals will provide you nothing but the best marketing services.

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: While planning and formulating the marketing strategies ask the online marketing agency to provide you with a timeline of the process. This will help you be updated with all the promotional activities.

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