6 Social Media Marketing Strategies Used by Digital Marketing Agencies

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6 Social Media Marketing Strategies Used by Digital Marketing Agencies

Social media has become vital for companies to market their brand. The more followers, views and likes a brand has, the more likely people are to shop from them. In short, social media is a virtual window to your company. Moreover, it can be accessed by people from all over the world. This is why marketing agency services have an entire team dedicated to ensure proper strategies are used to promote a brand.

So how does a brand promote itself with thousands of brands doing the same? Here are the social media marketing strategies used by digital marketing services

  • #Hashtag

One of the easiest ways a digital marketing company promotes your brand is by creating a unique hashtag. This could include pretty much anything, from your brand’s tagline to a customized phrase. Agency marketing the hashtag will make sure to create a series of posts wherein the hashtag is used to make sure people repeatedly see the hashtag. These posts could also encourage followers to use the hashtag and share their own experiences and posts.

Sometimes, they will also include an emoji that is specifically used with the hashtags. Since Twitter allows you to make a customized emoji, the graphics team comes up with a certain design, logo, or even products for the same.

  • Customized AR Filters

The highlight of social media is that we can use filters to enhance our posts. However, filters aren’t limited to Valencia and Clarendon. If a digital marketing agency is promoting a certain campaign or product, they can integrate the same to create a customized filter. For example,

Kylie Cosmetics created custom AR filters on Instagram with lipstick shades to help her customers choose the right shade before purchasing. 

These AR filters help the social media marketing company apart from marketing the brand, keep track of its outreach and customer behavior.

  • Up-to-Date Feed

It goes without saying but an updated feed is essential. But the posts must be relevant. This is why a social media digital agency creates a calendar to keep track of the posts. The calendar includes the date and timing of the posts. This is to ensure that nothing is repeated or forgotten. 

Another important thing is to make posts about current events. For example, if there’s a festival, special day, etc., make sure to ask the agency to include posts surrounding them. 

If your social media is not updated daily, it decreases your customer engagement, making it seem as if you have created an account for the sake of it. This creates a negative image.

  • Paid Sponsors

One of the more expensive ways to market your brand is to have sponsored posts. Although they cost a heft amount, these posts help you reach a wider audience and increase traffic to your page. 

A digital marketing firm, promoting a brand usually uses eye-catching graphics and videos. They also focus on the products of the brand or a marketing campaign the company is conducting. However, clickbait is a no-no. If a person clicks on the link and sees something entirely different from what was being marketed, it can create a bad impression. 

  • Collaborations with Influencers

A social media agency for small business focuses on creating brand awareness. Although they may have some thousand followers, the company still isn’t well-known. This is why a social media marketing agency will reach out to influencers for a collaboration. Since influencers have a huge following, people are more likely to trust their opinion choice of collaboration. Marketing trends have proven that influencers do affect customer behavior to an extent. 

However, the collaborations don’t end with paid posts. Companies host live streams wherein influencers unbox and use the products, enact skits, etc.

  • Personalized Interaction with Customers

One of the biggest advantages of social media for a brand is that it allows them to connect to their target audience. Moreover, it also becomes a space for creativity as people usually keep the tone informal and witty.

A social media digital agency aims at increasing customer interaction to garner more audience. Today, social media thrives on memes. This is why using witty replies and memes are a sure way to catch people’s attention. 

Answering queries, thanking them for showing interest in the brand, and directing them to personal chats to resolve their complaints creates a good impression. Think of it as an extension to your customer service that can be read by everyone. Make sure you are not disrespectful or rude in any way. 

We hope this article helped you get a better understanding of how a digital marketing company works towards marketing a brand on social media. The social media account of a brand is a window to the brand. It allows you to market your products and services.

Moreover, it gives you access to your customer’s opinions. This is why social media marketing doesn’t end with posting your content. The social media marketing company studies customer behavior to find out if the strategies used were successful or not.

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