Social Media Marketing Ads and How to Use Them

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Social Media Marketing Ads and How to Use Them

Are you tired of seeing those same ads and sponsored posts on your feed every time you scroll through your social media? From Twitter to even LinkedIn, it’s impossible to not have seen these ads pop up between your posts.

Now, while we usually ignore them, have you ever wondered what these posts are or why you see them? Well, the answer is simple. A brand or their social media marketing agency have created these ads to market their products and services.

But what exactly are they and how does a brand’s in-house team or digital marketing agency know whom to market? 

Here is a comprehensive guide on social media marketing ads and how you can use them for your brand. 

What are Social Media Marketing Ads?

Social media marketing ads or simply social media ads, so to say, are the advertisements companies run on social media to market their brand, its products and services. 

Usually, they are a graphic text post or a video with an appropriate CTA to entice the users and target audience to carry out the desired action. However, depending on the social media platform, the content and type of format that the digital ad agency uses differ. 

For example, while static images are a preferred format for Instagram and LinkedIn, videos work best for Tik Tok, YouTube and even Instagram Reels. The genius is in knowing what kind of content works best for which platform and shaping your ad for the same. 

Why are Social Media Marketing Ads Important?

Here is a list of reasons why social media marketing ads are important for your brand’s digital presence. 

  • To increase brand awareness
  • To promote your brand and its products and services
  • To increase engagement rate
  • To boost organic traffic
  • A better understanding of the target audience

How Do You Use Social Media Marketing Ads?

Now that you have understood why we need social media marketing ads, let’s see how an online marketing agency uses them. 

  • Pick Your Social Media Platform

Firstly, a social media marketing company will choose the social media platforms wherein these ads will be posted. While you might think, “isn’t it better to post the content on all platforms where the brand has its presence?” 

The answer to that is no. Sure, theoretically, it seems like a great idea, but your target audience needn’t necessarily be present on all these platforms or even use them as frequently. 

Moreover, there’s also a question of relevancy. On a platform like Snapchat, which is usually used for mainly photos and videos of oneself, certain brands or even ads might not work to reach the right audience. 

For this very reason, the smm company will sort out and use only certain social media platforms according to your brand’s demographic and target audience. 

  • Create Content

Now comes the exciting part. The social media optimization company will now focus on creating hyper-specific content for the ads. Keeping certain parameters in mind, like target audience, consumer behaviour, platform’s algorithm, product to be marketed, and so on, the content will be created. 

Since these ads will be focused on bringing a specific target audience, the digital agency will use certain terms, references that the people would understand. More importantly, they will use certain CTA to ensure that people engage with the post and the brand. 

In addition, they’ll ensure that they use clickable posts so that the users don’t have to search for the brand on their own. They’ll be directed to the right page when they click on the link. 

  • Optimize For Mobiles

Since most people today access social media through their phones, digital marketing services will take this into account and create content and posts that are optimized for mobiles. 

In doing so, they are ensuring that everyone can view your ads and thereby, increase your outreach to maximum people. 

We hope this article helped you understand social media marketing ads and how you can use them for your brand. Social media ads are a great way to go viral with your brand or even establish your presence in the market. More importantly, they can easily be used to reinforce your brand’s name with the repetition of the ads.

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: While social media marketing ads are a great way to market your brand, we suggest doing so when you have a marketing campaign or even a special event or offer. This is because people are more likely to click on an ad when there’s an incentive for them, rather than just a brand marketing themselves. 

If you need assistance in marketing your brand, our team of dedicated professionals at SOL Digital will be happy to help. With several years of experience and even more happy customers, we are the one-stop for all your marketing needs.

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