How Infographics Help Digital Marketing Companies to Make Your Brand Stand Out

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How Infographics Help Digital Marketing Companies to Make Your Brand Stand Out

One of the most common types of content that are seen across the internet is infographics. From niche accounts on Instagram to the established organization websites, infographics make consuming information more interesting and simplified.

What are infographics?

Infographics are data or information that are presented in a visual form. They include charts, imagery, and minimal texts. An infographic aims to be visually appealing with enough text that it doesn’t confuse the reader and makes challenging text simplified.

However, visual appeal is not the ultimate goal of infographics. The information provided must be conveyed in an orderly manner, keeping in mind the flow of the visuals. 

Usually, infographics are used to simplify the text, for reports, surveys, statistics, methodologies, raise awareness, and so on.

But, why do brands need infographics, and how are they beneficial for them? Here are the reasons why a digital marketing agency uses infographics for your brand. 

  • Simplifies Information

As mentioned earlier, infographics make information simplified. Instead of having to read through paragraphs of texts to find the relevant information, an infographic compresses all that into short sentences that highlight the important points. Thus, creating an overview. 

A digital marketing company uses these infographics to simplify the information your brand wants to convey. Whether it is statistics, survey findings, methodologies, and so on. You will often find a marketing agency post infographics in the form of a calendar to countdown the sale days, events, etc.

For example, a skincare line wants to list out the benefits and ingredient list of their new eye cream. So, instead of having a text ridden description bar, a digital agency will create an infographic with benefits and ingredients using images and even a brand ambassador to make the information easily understandable. 

  • Catches Attention

The bright colors and images used in infographics are more likely to catch people’s eyes. People, to put it simply, do not have much time. At least to read through a wall of text riddled with all sorts of jargon, statistics, and unnecessary commentary. People want short and crisp information without having to read a lot. 

A digital marketing firm aims to do just that. Using original graphics and a pleasing color palette, the infographic stands out among your brand’s competition. Infographics make your content look unique and out of the box since you are catering to two kinds of readers. One, who only want certain information. Two, ones who get an overview of the content before learning about it in detail. 

  • Exhibits Expertise 

The reason people trust an expert is that they provide credible information. A digital marketing agency works to make your brand seem just that: an expert. 

A marketing design agency will create infographics not just about your brand, its products, and services, but also about the happening in your industry. For example, if any new research studies have become a hot topic in your industry, your marketing agency will create an infographic summarizing the study.

This puts your brand in the position of an expert as the people will see your brand as a reliable source of information and that you provide your customers with relevant information. 

  • Increases Visitors/Followers

If you follow brands on social media, you will find infographics sprinkled across their feed. The reason why infographics are so popular on social media is that they provide the perfect balance between text and images. A digital creative agency will create a pattern for infographics that will be posted after every certain number of posts. 

As mentioned earlier, this will make your brand seem like an expert that is providing information not only about the products and services but also about the industry. This is a strategy that content marketing services use to create an impression of a transparent company that is honest. People will then see your brand as a reliable source of information and follow your website and social media accounts. This becomes a strategy used by online marketing companies to organically increase traffic. 

  • Increases Brand Value

Quality content in digital marketing is the reason why a marketing agency can promote your brand. One of the easiest ways to increase your brand value is by telling people about your brand. An infographic does just that. 

Whether it is descriptions about your products, the method of shipping, or any other relevant information. Infographics have proven to increase website traffic by 14%. Paired with your brand logo and website details a digital marketing agency will use this tactic for detailed information about the infographic text. 

We hope this article helped you understand infographics help your brand stand out from its competition. 

In a world where people’s attention span is only a few seconds, your brand has to capture the audience’s attention in that short window of time. Using infographics, a digital marketing agency does just that.

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: Use your brand logo or mascot and colors to make the infographic more personal and one of a kind. 

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