How Digital Marketing has Changed due to Covid-19?

How Digital Marketing has Changed due to Covid-19?

The world came to a sudden halt as Covid-19 spread across the world. The quarantine took a hit on many sectors of the industries, such as the traveling and the food industry. Several businesses shut down, and millions lost their jobs. From high-ranking officials to daily wage workers. The world saw a huge economic crash. 

The few businesses that have managed to survive the pandemic had no choice but to go completely digital in terms of sales, marketing, deliveries, etc. Although some companies have invested in their digital marketing strategies and have consistently worked with a digital marketing agency, the same is not the case for others. The lockdown has proven how important the digital space is for marketing and staying in touch with their customers. This has led many companies to opt for a simple Google search of “the best digital marketing agency” or “digital marketing agency near me” to keep things running. 

The biggest change in consumer behavior is the shift from physical purchase to online purchase. This has led to an increase in the digital sales of almost every company. So, to stay connected with their customers and to reach an even bigger audience, companies have opted for digital marketing. It was reported that there has been an 9.2% increase in social media consumption since 2019

The marketing sector has seen a boom ever since the lockdown began. Companies have gone completely digital and are hiring online marketing companies to promote their brand. 

So how has the pandemic affected the digital marketing firms, given the drastic changes in consumer behavior? Here is how a digital marketing company has changed. 

  • Content Creation

There is no doubt that ever since the lockdown began, DIY projects have seen a significant increase. From baking to workout routines, people have taken up different projects to keep themselves busy. A good content marketing agency will tap into this emerging trend. It was reported that blogs were one of the primary forms of content in content strategies.

If you cannot increase sales with your existing customers, a simple solution is creating content and marketing it. A content marketing firm will focus on creating content such as blogs, videos, tutorials, contests, etc. This will increase the traffic to your website and social media.

  • Consumer Goods over Luxury Goods

While many companies have entered the digital space, a marketing agency has prioritized consumer goods over luxury goods. Why? The reason is simple. The everyday consumer goods have seen an increase in sales than luxury goods. Keeping this in mind, several digital marketing services have opted for companies providing everyday consumer goods.

  • Influencer Marketing

With the rise of social media, people all over the world have created a career through these platforms. These people are called influencers. 

Consumers trust people. So when they see a famous person in the digital space talk about a certain product, they are more likely to buy it. Companies have understood this consumer behavior and have reached out to influencers to promote their brand. 

During the pandemic, influencers have played a huge role in keeping the masses entertained and creating content. An efficient digital marketing agency will promote your brand through these influencers. This is because the content marketing firm can reach a wider audience without creating new content. 

Since most influencers use social as their primary source of content distribution, let us look at some statistics to put things into perspective. Reports say that 84% of people have purchased products from a brand if they saw their videos. 

  • PPC (Pay Per Click)

Every digital marketing company is familiar with the concept of PPC and its widespread use. PPC stands for pay per click.

These marketing are widely used by brands to increase their rank in search engines. PPC is an internet model wherein the company pays every time someone clicks on their ad. Online marketing agencies choose a particular keyword that shows the sponsored posts on the top of the search engine every time it is searched. The digital marketing company that pays the most, tops the rank on the search engines. 

However, this model is not limited to search engines. Social media platforms also use such a model through paid posts, sponsored posts, suggested accounts, and so on. 

Let’s see some statistics to understand the concept. In the marketing industry, the average PPC is $3.33, with $165 being the most expensive.

  • Social Media Marketing

With a little strategizing and research, companies can reach a wider audience through social media. Many digital marketing services have focused on social media marketing to promote brands. Facebook, as of 2020 has become the source of content distribution, while Instagram has the second highest ROI among marketers.

It has also become a space where companies post about their brand and its new products and services. The algorithm of social media platform not only recommends similar brands you follow or search but it also allows companies to have sponsored posts. 

Many companies have used this platform to hold contests and giveaways to promote their brand. They have also held webinars, collaborations, tutorials, campaigns, and much more to increase their online engagement with their audience. They have also focused on reposting, sharing, liking, and commenting on their audience’s posts to increase engagement. 

Keeping the drastic shift in consumer behavior, companies have moved to the digital space to promote their brands. Online marketing agencies have focused on adding an empathetic touch to their marketing strategies given the circumstances. 

Even after the pandemic simmers down, its effects on digital marketing strategies will remain the same for a few months. Some of the strategies might be used permanently as it has led to an increase in sales. 

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