How a Digital Agency will use Rebranding to Market your Brand

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How a Digital Agency will use Rebranding to Market your Brand

Some of the notable rebrandings of the decade are Apple, Instagram, MasterCard, Nike iHop, Burger King, Pepsi, and so on. But have you ever wondered why people consider rebranding an important part of a company? Or does all the buzz about the rebranding benefit the company or not?

What does Rebranding a Company Mean?

As your company grows, you might realize that your brand, its philosophy, logo, and so on are not the same as when you initially started out. Or, you changed your brand and its ideology as you gained exposure or simply adapted to the changing times. Nevertheless, your brand has changed. 

So, to revamp the brand, companies often hire a digital agency to rebrand their brand. Thus, rebranding is the process through which a digital marketing agency changes the brand logo, design, theme, etc., to fit the new concept of the company.

Why do Companies Choose to Rebrand?

Usually, a company will choose to rebrand itself for the following reasons.

  • Setting up an office or store at a new location, and thus wanting to create a specific brand identity).
  • Changing the old message and philosophy and adopting a new one
  • Acquiring other brands or merging with another brand 
  • Wanting to reposition themselves in the industry and the market

How a Digital Agency markets your Company’s Rebranding?

While the company rebrands itself, the digital agency uses these elements to market it. 

  • Establishing Target Audience and Market

When a company rebrands itself, they look into a different target audience and a target market that best suits their brand. Thus, after extensive market research, they find them. This in comparison with the previous target audience and market might highlight a demographic that the company has not considered.

So, digital marketing services often use this new target market and audience to create a hyper-specific marketing campaigns and content. This helps in creating your brand image amongst an audience that previously didn’t know about your company.

  • Defining the Brand’s Mission, Values, and Message

When your change your brand’s mission, values, and message, you are giving a content marketing agency a framework that decides what kind of content is needed for the brand.

For example, when a cosmetic company announces that they have become vegan and cruelty-free, the natural and environment-friendly aspect becomes a part of the marketing message. 

  • Building on your Brand Identity

When you rebrand your company, you will have to do build your brand’s image once again to prove your authenticity to the customers. This calls for a complete revamping of the company.

In most cases, the company’s name remains the same while the logo, typography, slogan, color palette, etc., changes. Thus, the online marketing agency is then given the job to market these changes. 

While top digital marketing agencies go all out by creating new content such as videos, gifs, graphics, or even launch a set of products to market the rebranding, the same is not the case for a local marketing agency. The latter might opt for a simple announcement post or an animated video showcasing the changes in the brand logo, philosophy, etc.

  • Build an Online Presence

Having rebranded the company, it is the responsibility of the social media marketing agency to market it and create a strong social media presence. In addition to social media, search engine marketers are responsible for making sure the brand’s website ranks on top of the web results when searched. 

For this, you will often find the social media marketing agency opting for influencer marketing to increase their outreach. In addition, it not uncommon to see sponsored posts by the company promoting their products with a new logo, tagline, etc. Some even opt to make memes to relate to the younger audience. 

  • Hosting an Event 

It goes without saying that companies have events to celebrate the rebranding. This becomes a great opportunity for the digital marketing company to market your brand. From sending out special invites to offers for customers to broadcasting the event on social media, the online marketing agency might also use this event as a means to launch and market the brand for the first time. 

We hope this article helped you understand how a digital agency uses rebranding to promote your brand. 

One of the biggest advantages of rebranding your company is that it allows you to have a fresh start and adopt different concepts. Moreover, it also provides your digital marketing company an opportunity to expand their creativity and come up with new and better marketing campaigns and content. 

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: Keep in mind that the company might want a partial (changes for only certain elements of the brand) or a total rebranding (changing the brand completely). Thus, based on either of these the digital marketing agency will have to formulate different marketing strategies.

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