Customize Your Marketing Strategy To Gen Z

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Customize Your Marketing Strategy To Gen Z

If you are a part of the marketing realm, you would have noticed that  social media marketing companies are turning their attention to the new kids on the block – Generation Z. This cohort will remain an important demographic to reach in the coming years. Let’s know about Gen Z and various strategies that can be used to appeal to them. 

Who Are Considered As Generation Z?

These are the ones who are born post Millennials, they are considered as the most diverse of generations and also referred to as the iGeneration, Post-Millennials or Homeland Generation, this is a racially diverse group than any earlier generation. 

What Age Is Generation Z?

Generation Z cohort are some of the nation’s youngest people who are born after the year 1995, the most senior of them will turn 22 this year.They are tech savvy people, having grown up around cell phones and iPads, technology is such a central part of their upbringing. Their developing views on a range of issues are beginning to address them as a distinct group.

Why Should Marketers Focus on Generation Z?

Generation Z cohorts are said to inherit the characteristics and values such as open-mindedness, pragmatism, creative expression, ambition, healthy hedonism and innovation. The estimated spending power of Generation Z is approximately $ 143 billion in the U.S. alone. This group represents a wide growth opportunity as this group is starting to make their own purchasing decisions. It’s a good time for the marketers to tap this potential market.

Marketing To Gen Z – Four Strategies To Use 

1.Corporate Social Responsibility To Be Prioritized

According to various surveys, it has been noted that Generation Z is concerned much about environmental, political and socio-economic issues. Before making any purchase this group of cohorts will definitely ensure that corporate social responsibility aligns with their values. Generation Z group is considered to be less trusting of brands.  In order to gain their trust it’s advisable to align your brand’s values with theirs in an actionable way and communicate your purpose to them in your messaging. Once you’ve established what values your brand stands for, you’ll have to clearly communicate your purpose to Gen Z in your messaging.

2. Meaningful Interactions Builds Trust

Meaningful interactions with your customer will surely increase trust and brand loyalty among them. A proper response provided to the customers for their queries is necessary as this group will definitely consider responsiveness  as a measure of a brand’s authenticity. Most of the Generation Z customers prefer to interact with the brands and provide respective feedback, they also focus on reviews provided by other customers irrespective of whether they are positive or negative. They are open to give ideas for the product design if provided with an opportunity to do so. This group of customers can be engaged into business by welcoming their ideas and feedback. 

3. Good Video Content

With the rise of social media, Video content has become extremely popular and a highly effective form especially among Generation Z. Many of us rely on online videos provided by the g companies on a daily basis, still many business houses aren’t using video as part of their digital marketing strategy. Apps like Tik Tok have become very popular among people and more than 60% of the crowd using this app belongs to Generation Z. Surveys have proved that unlike millennials, attention span of Generation Z on videos is approx 8 sec which is significantly lower as compared to millennials. This straight away means that social media marketing companies need to convince Generation Z within a few seconds in their hands and prove that the content provided is worth their time.

4 Put A Spotlight On Your Dedication to Privacy

Generation Z being tech savvy will never prefer to compromise with their privacy on the internet. Privacy is the prime consideration which they will look into.They are not comfortable with sharing their personal information over the internet. Transparency is the key to attract and retain Generation Z customers. You need to highlight the steps that you will be taking to keep their personal information safe and secure in case you are availing any information from them.


Generation Z is a huge population of diverse and highly digital individuals. Social media marketing companies need to shift their tactics in order to be relevant to this smart and choosy Generation Z. The above mentioned strategies will guide you with the way to deal with this unique cohort and generate interest and brand loyalty among them. Brands who understand Generation Z plans and convey their messages in ways that are relevant and compelling will succeed in drawing their interest and increase their brand worth and this will be the smartest move you can make in the present scenario. 

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