Customer Feedback and Its Importance in Digital Marketing

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Customer Feedback and Its Importance in Digital Marketing

An online digital marketing company will always prioritize its customer’s opinions, be it good or bad. People are more likely to give an honest review on things when they don’t have to directly talk to people. Even though their names might be on display, they seek comfort in the anonymity of writing. 

A top digital agency knows the importance of feedback. Yes, feedback is important for companies to improve their shortcomings. However, a digital marketing agency hired for the company also learns about consumer behavior and plans a better marketing strategy. 

Here is why customer feedback is important for digital marketing.

  • Testimonials for Social Media Platforms 

Today, before buying any product, customers usually check for reviews and how a company presents itself on social media, their consumer engagement, and content. This is why, while strategizing, marketing agency services will include a series dedicated to testimonials of customers. 

People trust others and feel that if something works for one person, it will work for them as well. So, when people see that others have tried out the products/services, they will consider buying them. Posting testimonials from customers shows that apart from your faith in your brand, others have also showcased the same faith and loyalty, Moreover, it gives an impression that the company cares about its customer’s opinions. 

A few ways to include testimonials on your social media platform is by using

  • infographics
  • videos 
  • excerpts from lengthy reviews
  • highlights on Instagram.
  • Twitter threads
  • links on your social media platforms that would take the customers to the page dedicated to testimonials on your website.

These are some inexpensive ways of attracting potential customers that don’t require a full-fledged marketing campaign. 

  • Testimonials for Clients

A B2B digital marketing agency pays special attention while creating content for a company that is primarily involved in B2B practice. This is because unlike regular customers of a brand, a B2B company involves providing specific products and services. 

Since the target audience for such a business is not the general public, brands approaching such companies rely on portfolios and testimonials. Testimonials from previous clients boost the brand image and show that the company has maintained a good relationship with clients ever after their project is over. 

This is what a B2B digital marketing agency focuses on marketing. The most seamless form of marketing a brand is to gain the trust of the potential customers even before they approach you. 

  • Boosting SEO Rankings

For content marketing firms the priority is SEO rankings. When customers give their feedback these firms know how efficient their marketing strategies are. In addition to this, they also know of the SEO keywords used in their content that boost their SEO rankings. 

Another important reason is that feedback provides organic growth in the search engine algorithm. SEO algorithm focuses on organic growth. When people search for your brand and its products or services, there is a high chance they will also search for reviews. So people will search for “ X brand reviews” or “X product reviews”. 

Suppose, in January the SEO ranking of your website is number 5. Adding customer feedback on your website will instantly boost your SEO ranking and your website will come on the top of the searches. A couple of good, detailed reviews will increase traffic to your website. This in turn will increase the SEO ranking of your website. If this continues, by February, your SEO ranking will boost from number 5 to number 1. 

  • Upgrading Products/Services 

Have you ever wondered why companies upgrade their products and services? Think about it, if the products are selling and customers are happy, why would companies go the extra mile to make changes? The reason is to improve the quality of these products and services.

A great way to not only improve your products but also your marketing strategy is incorporating these faults in your next marketing campaign. A clever technique used by a digital design agency is admitting to the faults of the old version of a product. It is human psychology that we will lean towards things that are new and improved. 

Few marketing consultancy firms understand that customer feedback is a gold mine. Customer feedback is proof that your products and services are worth the time and energy. They not only help your brand improve its products. Moreover, they also help digital marketing firms promote brands without spending too much energy on creating new content. 

A good marketing strategy is one that works seamlessly and leaves an impression in people’s minds. Similarly, a good digital marketing firm will not only analyze the customer feedback for strategizing but also use it for marketing.

Toshiko tip for the day: if you are struggling to get reviews, establish a reward point system or a free goodie after a certain number of reviews.  

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