A Digital Marketing Company’s Guide to Target Audience

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A Digital Marketing Company’s Guide to Target Audience

Have you ever wondered why certain products are marketed to a certain group of people, even if people that don’t belong to that group buy the product? Why do brands target certain people when a new product launches? 

This is because those group of people is their target audience. This means they are more likely to buy their product even if it has a universal appeal. 

What is Target Audience?

A target audience is a group of people on whom a digital marketing agency will focus its marketing strategies on. After proper market segmentation, a digital agency will boil down the audience to a certain group of people to whom the marketing campaign will be the target audience. 

For better understanding let us look at an example. Suppose a digital marketing firm has to market a new range of lip glosses that cost $18 each. Therefore, the target audience’s description will look something like this: Women, 20-30 years old, monthly income of $300-$900, interested in makeup and skincare.

So, the marketing agency has considered certain characteristics like their sex, age, income, and interests. These characteristics help the agency decide to whom the product will be marketed. 

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Target Audience?

The following are the reasons why an online marketing agency needs to choose the right target audience.

  • To stand out amongst the competition 
  • To increase website traffic
  • To increase sales
  • To build customer loyalty

How to Choose the Right Target Audience?

Here are the 4 techniques a web marketing firm uses to choose the right target audience. 

  • Analyze your Current Customers

An e-commerce marketing agency will analyze your current customer, their consumer behavior, and interests in your brand to choose the right target audience for your brand. This is especially the case when a new product is being launched or the brand wants to re-target certain existing products. 

  • Analyze your Products and Services

A digital marketing company will also analyze the products and services that need to be marketed. The products and service’s features will help the marketing agency to emphasize certain qualities in the marketing campaign. Moreover, it will also help them understand who is more likely to buy them and who will benefit the most. 

For example, if you are selling furniture, what are the features in your products that make your brand stand out? Is there a rare kind of wood used? Are there any innovations that are not present in the market? 

  • Customize your Target Audience Based on your Campaign

Changing customizing the target audience based on your campaign is also something a growth marketing company focuses on. Certain products are bought in large numbers by certain groups of people. For example, a floral-scented body wash is targeted at women while a musky and ocean-scented body wash is usually targeted towards men. 

  • Choose Multiple Target Audiences

A marketing campaign is not limited to only a certain group of people. A digital marketing agency will sometimes have more than one target audience. This is because the product and service cater to a large variety of people and also helps increase sales. 

For example, while creating a marketing campaign for a chocolate bar, the marketing agency might choose both children and adults as their target audience. For children, the chocolate becomes a sweet treat, and for adults, it might remind them of their childhood, emphasizing the nostalgia. 

  • Analyze your Brand’s Website and Social Media Activity

A web marketing company will analyze your brand’s website and social media activity to understand how much your customers engage with your content. This will also help them understand who is engaging with your content and what do they have in common besides your brand. 

For example, if you are a luxury clothing brand that mainly sells timeless pieces of clothing, your audience will be in their late 30s to 40s. This will also suggest that they are more likely to have a high paying job. Thus, based on this information, your online marketing agency will decide your target audience and create a marketing campaign accordingly. 

We hope this article helped you understand the concept of the target audience and why choosing the right one is important. For a digital marketing company, the target audience becomes a foundation, based on whose interests and requirements the marketing campaign is is geared towards. When the target audience sees the campaign, they instantly relate to the message. Thus, the more relatable the message, the higher chance of an increase in sales. 

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: To outdo your competitors, study their target audience and marketing strategies. This will give a  better idea of people’s preferences and interests in your industry. Additionally, keep up with the latest trends in your industry and the market to create a hyper-targeted marketing campaign.


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