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There was a time when content was for some people to consume. Content was limited to television, newspapers, magazines and books. However, with the burst of the online media and with 45% of the world’s population on social media, today 1 out of every 2 people is both a creator and consumer of content online. This makes content the very core of any marketing effort. We create content that delivers results- that converts views to leads to sales.

Our content is tailored both for search as well as for readers, not necessarily in that order though.

Content Marketing Services that Deliver Brand Results

Everything that you have written online, may it be your website, your corporate audiovisual or your social media posts is all content. Is it giving you the web traffic that you desire or generating the ideal number of enquiries is a question you have to honestly answer for yourself. We believe that the content that companies write should not be about themselves but about hoe their product or service weaves into the lives of their customers.

Social Media Content Marketing, is all about creating crisp content that is compelling to click on and explore. Not too long, not too short, simple and relevant. Digital by SOL is an ad agency as well as a digital marketing company that prides itself with telling brand stories in a way that they haven’t been expressed before. Our content is crafted such that it is made search friendly, so that more people find you online, and user friendly, so that more people enquire about your product/service. We have done brand launches via online marketing all the way from conceptualization to execution. Our expertise in social media marketing ensures that we value and deliver within clients’ budgets.

Copywriting Services  

We employ creative writers and storytellers from across the world who not only have a background in languages but also in digital tools so that the content that our content marketing services are search friendly. In digital marketing and social media marketing, user and search friendly content attracts more eyeballs, footfalls and conversions.

If you need an opinion on your website content, or content on your important landing pages, banners, social media posts and campaigns or even your lead generation emails then we would be glad to study your online story to give inputs on how we can do things a bit differently.

Graphic Designing Services

Out of every 100 people in the world only 1 would prefer reading to seeing a visual to get the same communication. Human beings are visually stimulated. Hence in today’s world of digital marketing communications, designing of visuals is very important to get in touch with your online audiences.

We specialize in designing brand relevant social media posts, video creations, gif graphics, motion graphics, infographics, presentations, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, web banners and a lot more – all keeping your brand guideline at the core. Our content marketing services include the perfect blend of copywriters, ideators, visualizers and graphic artists who work as a united team to deliver content that works for you online marketing strategy.

Video Marketing Services

While video marketing comes within the gamut of content marketing services, we have a separate team that focuses on video. If you believe that the days of reading text are passe then you would know that static graphics are soon going to join plain text in this context. Videos are the future. Did you know that according to Invisa, mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year! And according to TechCrunch, Facebook has over 8 billion video views per day! Today any digital marketing agency worth its salt will have a separate team that works singularly on creating compelling videos.

Similarly, for clients, today video is an investment a brand cannot afford to cut. It’s a fundamental component of any content marketing strategy and that is why we have a dedicated video creation team. This includes script writers and storyboard artists. We create videos for social media marketing including animation videos, product videos, testimonials videos, company culture videos, interactive presentations and interviews.

If you have tested the waters of online marketing or are a novice, if you are a B-B business or a B-C brand, if you have an internal digital marketing team or are looking for a professional online marketing agency, our content marketing services will definitely be something that will be an advantage to your online brand reputation and recall.

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